hi i'm macafee (name change ) at the time this happenened to me i was nearly 30 yrs old . now i'm not a bad looking bloke cropped hair hazel eyes med build
. . . . now martine an me had always got on well an she was by far my favorite niece,martine was 15 yrs old, blonde hair brown eyes an gettin shapely in all the  right places. she was fun giggly an thinkin back a bit first time i ever had any sexual thoughts for her came  when i was babysittin her one nite. she had come down the stairs ready for bed wearing a shortish cotton niteshirt,as her tits were bouncing around i knew she was not wearing a bra.    as she sat opposite me,i was on the sofa,i looked round an there it was her pussy , she had not quite closed her legs an i could make out the little tuff of public hair  . wow.   as  we chatted that nite i had various views of her pussy an my mind was racing ,did she know she was flashing , was she teasing me , my cock was hard an i dare not more. i just wanted to go over an clamp my mouth round her pussy an make her scream in orgasm.
  so that was the first nite i saw martine's pussy an i could not stop thinkin about her, i wanked like crazy havin alsorts of fantasy's . then the time came for me to baby sit again. i was so excited would i get to see her pussy again. well of she went an got changed it was about nine thirty , i went of to make the chocolate an when i came back through the hall way martine was commim down the stairs i n the same niteshirt my cock was growing already , i put both mugs down where martine sat last time an went to the toilet bumpine into martine on the way , yep no bra again an those tits were looking bigger than ever how come i've never noticed before.

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   when i came back from the toilet i went to pick up my chocolate , kneeling down in front of martine i got the view i wanted ,a close up of her pussy ,must of made me dizzy because as i stood up i stumbled  forward my hand went out on came to rest straight on her chest mmm!! more than a handfull " are u allright mcafee"martine shouts" yea "i mumbled as my face reddend"sorry about that" moving my hand gently over then of her chest .                    
 i went back to the sofa my cock hard as rock every time i turned to drink my drink there was her pussy , i laid on the sofa pondering how to play this "martine "i called ,"yea"she said "how about a cuddle"i asked "sure "she said as she came bouncing over an jumping straight on me, she laid across the top of me her head on mt shoulder an her legs parted around my waist  ,we often cuddled before this but this was different i was buzzing having her pussy straddled across me. i started by rubbing her back up down an around, she just lay there contented . my hands were wandering lower until one hand was across her bum . she breathed heavily an i waited for her to shout , she said nothin i took the chance an my other hand went under her niteshirt an on to her naked bum still she said nothin i rubbed an squeesed gently , martine's breathin gentin heavier as was mine. still not quite sure of what was to happen i let my hands wander back up along her niteshirt, up her back an in a motion which led me to her chest which was bulging out as she laid on my chest i cupped the sides an she lifted herself up she moved her head to mine kissin me ful on the lips it was soon a full on french kiss an it felt electric as my hands were now cupping her tits full frontal,34c s i reckon not bad for a 15 yr old. the kiss finished shas lookin straight at me with dreamy eyes "WOW" was all i could say she giggled "what do ya think ur doin" she said with a smile"got a sexy girl making me horny" i said"  she moved her hips"i can feel it"she said.
  i lifted the niteshirt over her head ,now she was naked,i pulled her forward so i could suck on her tits one by one my hand wandering over her naked body ,  she moaned an squirmed i mmmm an mmmm sum more my hands on her bum i pushed until her pussy was above my face a gently lick to get the taste then rubbing my nose along her clit before i pushed it in her hole , a big sniff ,oh i'm in heaven my nose was in an out my tounge was up an in juices all over my face it was hard work keeping her there as she thrashed about into a orgasm shuddering an moanin ,squirmim until she was quiet . she rested there on my face i'm struggling to breathe ,she moves down " now my turn to see urs "she said . my jeans were of in record time along with the rest of my clothes she sat astride my lower legs playing with my cock"so u liked lookin up my shirt last week" she said"WHAT "I stutered  she giggled lowering her self to suck my cock gently around the head then lickin at the sides , icould not wait an moved her so her pussy was above my cock ,slowly she came down on it her tight pussy struggling with my eight inches finally it was in as martine moved like she wqas dancing to a slow record ,she was new to this an it popped out afew times her face was picture the one a woman only gets when shes havin sex, my hands clutched her slender waist up dwn side to side faster harder "fuck u me u bitch"i said"i'm  fuckin u . CUNT. " she said, my cock let rip sperm shootin straight into  martine her second orgasm started imedietly . WELL I SHOT MORE SPUNK IN MARTINE THAN I EVER SHOT BEFORE OR SINCE i was so turned on what happened was so wrong yet so exciting. she came back to rest"wheres my cuddle "she said

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