Matt's morning surprise


I'd like to start by introducing myself.
My name is Matt Sanders. I am 16 and a highschool sophomore. Beyond just getting my drivers license, I've recently started to experience other freedoms that come along with having a car. I've started drinking on a regular basis as well assmoking weed with my buddies, and occasionally get to enjoy the luxeries of being around girls as smashed as we are. This story starts on a wednesday night, one which I barely remember.
It was the second week of summer, and my friends and I had been getting trashed pretty much every night since school ended. This particular wednesday I was drinking at a house down the street from mine. I won't go into details of whose house it is, etc etc, because it's not really important. The point is, I was pretty close to blacking out from taking an ungodly amount of shots, and I decided I should probably go home.
I live with only my mom, and she's generally in bed early because she was to work early, and luckily shes a very heavy sleeper, so I rarely wake her when I come in. I stumbled upstairs to my room, and as the last couple shots I'd taken started to kick in, I finally completely blacked out. I didn't remember getting undressed, or getting in bed. . . anything at all.

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Next thing I know, I hear my door squeek open. My first thought was my mom had woken up and was coming in to check on me for coming in late, but I quickly realized how bright it was and knew it was morning. I looked up and saw our cleaning lady standing in the doorway to my room and figured out it was thursday, since that's when she comes. This was a pretty typical ritual in the summer. She knows I'm always out late, so she saves my room for last, and I wake up on thursdays whenever she needs to clean it.
It took a while for everything to click together. At first I was trying to remember going to bed the night before, but as soon as I looked back at her, I knew something was up. She was staring at me like shed seen a ghost. And then I figured it out: I was completely naked, with the covers totally kicked off of my bed, sporting a raging case of morning wood. I had no idea how to react, and apparently neither did she, because she just stood and stared with her jaw halfway to the ground.
If it wasn't bad enough, the fact that she was so enthralled with it did nothing to help it go down. She's a fairly attractive woman - mid-40's, blonde, keeps in very good shape. I'd actually fantasized about her a few times before, usually about her catching me masturbating or something of the sort. But now that she had walked in on me, I was like a deer in the headlights.
She's been our cleaning lady for 6 or 7 years, so we know each other fairly well, but the last and only time she'd seen me naked was when she first started working for us.

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   Needless to say, I'd changed since then. I mean, I'm not hung like a horse, but from what I've been told it's a "perfect size. " An ex-girlfriend actually told me it was a lot nicer than her dad's and brother's, which I wasn't sure how to take, but I guess was a good compliment.
It seemed like an eternity before either of us said anything, and she eventually was the first one to speak up.
"Matt. . . I'm really sorry. . . I. . . I, uhhh. .

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  . "   and then silence again. More staring.
Then I came to my senses. I tried to play it off cool. "It's ok Sherry, I mean. . . you've seen me like this before," was the first thing I could think of.
She spoke quickly, "Yeah but you were younger back then, and now you're so much bigger. . . shit, I mean. . .

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  oh Matt, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that I'm looking at it. . . I mean I am looking. . . I mean. . . oh geez. . . " and kind of trailed off.
I kind of laughed a little at her awkwardness. You'd think she was the teenager in the situation.


   "Sherry, it's cool. You can look at it, it's no big deal. In fact. . . "
. . . and here's where I started to get bold. . .
". . . you can touch it if you want.

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She never even made eye contact. She eased over to my bed and laid her index finger tip on the end of it. Slowly she swung her hand down and wrapped the rest of her fingers around the head. I tossed my head back in ecstacy, and thought I was going to explode immediately. Her first stroked was soft, as she gently ran her nails down the under side of the shaft, all the way to my balls, and back up.
She started to get a little more brave, and each stroke after that was a little more forceful and determined. I forced my head off of my pillow so I could watch what was going on, but once in a while had to lay back because the pleasure was too much. I could feel my balls swelling, the cum building more than I'd ever felt before. As I had my head laid back and my eyes shut, I all of a sudden experienced the feeling of wetness around the head of my cock.
I opened my eyes, and sure enough, she had leaned down and her tongue was working its way around the tip. She licked around the head, down the underside of the shaft, around the side and back up to the top. And then, in one quick motion, took the whole thing into her mouth. She held it all the way in for a good 5 or 10 seconds, circling her tongue around it while it was in her mouth. Her throat muscles were going to work on the head, and it was a feeling I didn't even know was possible.
I was moaning uncontrollably, as I started working it in and out of her mouth.

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   I sped up, faster and faster, and she was taking it all in every time. I could feel my cock entering her throat on every thrust, and her tongue continued to slither around the shaft constantly. I could feel my balls start to tighten and knew i was going to cum soon. I tried to control it as long as I could, as I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her mouth like there was no tomorrow. After a round of hard thrusting, I shoved my cock deep, and I felt the streams of cum come shooting out, filling her throat with line after line of hot semen. She continued sucking on it like a straw, even after I had unloaded it all, trying to get every last drop out.
She licked all over it, around the head and shaft, down to the balls, until there was nothing left but a sticky, slobbery mess. As I laid there panting, gradually coming back to reality. she gave it one last licking and said, "there. . . all clean. "

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